Anywhere, any time, just look around you and see what your eyes are drawn to.  Now simply notice what your eyes are seeing, without thinking about anything.  Next, notice what you are feeling in your body.  You will notice relaxation.

This is because the seeing happens in the here and now, in the present moment.  When you focus on simply seeing what you see, it brings you into the here and now, where there is no threat.  The tension in our bodies is often from thoughts about the past, or the future, which can be experienced as posing a threat.

Repeating this very quick and simple practice, which is called orienting, is very good for you.  It allows your body to be relaxed and your mind to be quiet.  This is a pleasant and useful state that is desirable to live in, to the greatest extent possible.  When we are here, we are grounded, and can perceive things more clearly.  Here, we can gain insights and understanding.  Here, creative ideas and solutions can come to us.  Here, we have access to the best parts of ourselves: our love, compassion, and wisdom.   Also, the present moment is the only one that actually exists.  The past and future are memories or anticipation, fabrications of the mind.  So when we are in the here and now, we are more fully alive.  You will notice a freshness, a sense of discovery and wonder there.

You can orient yourself to the present moment by using sight. Or, you can focus on other senses.  For example, you can orient to something that you hear, taste, smell, or feel.  All our sensing happens in the wonderful here and now.

Orienting is a very simple activity that is pleasant and very good for you.  I invite you to make a regular habit of it.  Enjoy!




This is a very quick and simple method to get out of your head and into your body, enjoying calmness in the present moment of the here and now.

Simply choose something in your environment that you can sense with one of your senses.  For example, it can be something that you can see, hear, feel, smell or taste. You may want to spend a little bit of time exploring it.  For example, if you are looking at a flower, you may study its colors, shape, texture, and so on.  As you focus all of your attention on sensing it, just pay attention to what you can notice in your body.

You will notice evidence of relaxation.  This is because sensing something brings us into the here and now of the present moment.  The sensing occurs in the here and now. It actually causes a physiological shift. It diminishes the sense that something is wrong, and helps us more accurately discern what degree of danger there is.  It thus acts as an antidote to trauma.

So why not be a friend to yourself and your body, and get in the habit of using this very simple method of eliciting a relaxation response?  And when you are upset, why stay upset and perhaps act in ways that you may later regret, when you can just  focus on anything pleasant or neutral in your environment to reduce your activation and become more grounded?

Good luck in making this very simple method a healthy habit in your life!A