Difficult mental health and relationship issues can feel hopeless to the people involved.  I have had the privilege of witnessing many of these lives transformed and relationships healed.  I initially started writing handouts for my patients, and was encouraged by them to share this material more broadly.  This blog is an initial effort to that end.  I am passionate about healing, wisdom, and transformation.

Living well is a complex art that would serve us all very well, yet none of us learned much about it at school (yet).

There are many aspects to living well, including:

  • how to manage our feelings and actions
  • how to act out of choice instead of reacting from being triggerred
  • how to self-soothe when we are upset, how to care less about judgement from others
  • how to communicate effectively, how to avoid having a conflict escalate
  • how to assert our boundaries effectively and calmly, how to make good decisions
  •  how to parent skilfully in challenging situations in order to preserve our child’s self-esteem and the health of our relationship and get better co-operation
  • how to “shrink our buttons” by healing wounds from the past
  • understanding dynamics in relationships
  • challenging false negative beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world
  • dealing with our “inner critic”
  •  practicing healthy self-talk and positive thinking
  • learning how to quickly and effortlessly have a quiet mind and be relaxed in the present
  • adopting helpful perspectives on many aspects of life, and our relationship with ourselves, others, and the universe
  • how to develop a grounding place for ourself with imagery
  • learning to feel the truth of important truths in our calm grounded body
  •  and much more

, As well as all of the above, you will find on this blog reflections on topics such as:

  • forgiveness,
  • a good apology
  • compassion vs. judgement
  • acceptance
  • taking resposibility for things that are beyond yourcontrol

just to name a few.

There are specific easy- to- use powerful tools and skills that are quick to use, that can become habitual and improve your life dramatically by re-wiring your brain in preferable ways.

When we “live more well”, or have more mastery in the art of living, our lives become easier, even when external hardships come our way.  We get upset less easily, and have less of a tendency to take things personally.  We enjoy a feeling of liberation and more peace, both within ourselves and in our relationships, which I believe ultimately is what’s needed for more peace in our world.  Because we suffer less and waste less time “in survival mode”, we have more energy and creativity to feel truly alive, more able to help our world, and with more capacity for joy, love, and contentment.

I hope you join me on this journey of growth, use what you like as much as possible, and enjoy benefits in your life as a result!


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