Have you ever visited Waterton Lakes National Park (near the Alberta/Montana border)? The wildflowers are just amazing!  They come in so many breath-taking colors, shapes, and sizes.

We, too, like the wildflowers, come in many variations —  different colors and sizes, and also different religions, levels of education, different illnesses, disabilities, and limitations, different degrees of wealth and poverty, varying athletic abilities, and varying artistic talents.  We also vary a great deal in personalities. There are extroverts and introverts, those who like to plan and those who are more spontaneous, those who are known to be more organized and those who tend to be less organized, those who are fearful and those who are not.  The differences are endless – each individual has different attributes, and each has their own unique sets of strengths and weaknesses.  Nobody is perfect.  Yet we each hold our own special beauty.

Unfortunately, unlike the wildflowers, these differences can result in judgement, conflict, and even war.

Each wildflower, on the other hand, has the space to be who it is, and to grow and develop as it needs to.  All the different wildflowers, including the edible and the poisonous ones, co-exist side by side in peace.

All the different wildflowers create such beauty all together. Photographers travel from around the world to catch the wildflowers in Waterton National Park at their peak. If we could only be more like the wildflowers!  So what if we have differences?  Like them, let us strive to live and let live, accepting ourselves and each other with all our differences.  Nobody needs to be right or wrong – just different.  Maybe we can even celebrate our differences.  The field of wildflowers is all the more striking because of the sharp contrast in colors, shapes, and sizes, which adds richness and variety.  Differences can be challenging, but they can also complement one another, for example one partner’s sense of responsibility together with their partner’s funloving nature.

In its own unique way, despite being asymmetrical or lopsided, each flower is beautiful.  The same is true of each human being, despite our limitations.  Each individual is important and deserving.  Each person should have the freedom to be who they are, and to become what they can be without prejudice, discrimination, danger, or judgement.

Your challenge is to catch yourself judging yourself and others, and to turn that judgement into acceptance and, if appropriate, compassion.  You can use the wildflowers as an inspiring example.



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