The “Good Mom” is that part of you that does a great job of handling the family, or the different parts of you.  She is very loving, understanding, validating, and empathetic to all family members.  At the same time, she is very wise and always does what is best for the family.  So while she is equally empathetic to the 2 yr old’s upset as he has a temper tantrum as she is to the withdrawn teenager, she does not bow down to their wishes, but sticks to what is best for the family.

Likewise, the “Good Mom” part of you is very understanding, validating, and compassionate to all parts of you.  As well, she knows what is true and reminds you of the truth.  She speaks with authority, and you always trust her because you know that she always speaks the truth.  She is a source of love, validation, understanding, compassion, acceptance, kindness, reassurance, encouragement, truth, wisdom, and guidance.  Her positive regard for you in unconditional.  She knows you better than anyone does.  She sees and honors your goodness.  She is infinitely patient.  She is completely non-judgemental.  She is always available to help you.  She is only a thought away.  When you think “Good Mom”, she is there with her amazing energy.  She can always help you no matter what.

Making use of the “Good Mom” can be transformative.  It can rapidly change things for you and take you from a very bad state to feeling OK.  Imagine that you are in a very negative state.  At these times, we generally feel all alone with our misery.  Then you think:  “Good Mom”.  Suddenly you are no longer feeling all alone.  Now there is someone with you who understands your experience completely, and who cares so much about you.  You feel her compassion and tenderness for you.  Perhaps she gives you a hug, or offers you some touch.  All this feels helps you feel better.  Then she tells you the truth about yourself and the situation that was upsetting you.  She helps you regain perspective and see things clearly.  She gives you whatever you need, whether that be reassurance, encouragement, guidance, strength, empowerment, confidence, courage, or a good idea.  Allow your body time to respond to her loving presence and helpful words.

There are many great things about making use of the “Good Mom”.  One is that she is always available:  anytime anywhere.  Another is how powerful she is:  she can help you no matter how deep in the pit you are and regardless of the type of distress or what it is about.  It doesn’t take long to feel better with her help. There are no “side effects” or other down sides to enlisting her help.  It is a very healing experience which deals with the core issues rather than avoiding them.  When they are temporarily avoided, they are  alive and well, ready to resurface later.  Instead, while you’re healing what is needing attention in the moment, you are investing in your future well-being by feeling important truths, thus making them more familiar to your system.  Also, it is a very empowering experience, because the “Good Mom” is a part of you.  It feels very good to help yourself shift from a bad place to a good place.  Lastly, you can very well see it as a spiritual experience.

Because the “Good Mom” provides healing and relief from your distress, you no longer feel the need to escape with the use of alcohol, drugs, food, electronics, gambling, eating disorder behavior, shopping, or other distractions.

With the help of the “Good Mom”, you are now grounded and are able to feel the way you want to and act in the way you want to, whether that be to accomplish something, enjoy something, or have the conversation calmly that needs to take place.  From this good state, you can see clearly.  You can trust yourself.  You can make good decisions.  Everything is much easier from here.  Life is more enjoyable from here.

Isn’t it a wonderful thing that the “Good Mom” is ALWAYS available to help you?


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