Thankfully, we all have an imagination that is so vast in nature.  We can imagine almost anything.  If we wanted to imagine being a rock on Mars, we could.

Another wonderful thing about imagination is that it is effortless.  We don’t need to try to imagine things.  We can just see what comes up when we imagine this or that.  “Trying hard” to imagine things often gets in the way of the imagining just happening.

It is important to know that what we imagine can affect us.  If we imagine something pleasant, our bodies will respond by relaxing and perhaps have other, related pleasant experiences.  If we imagine something really scary, our bodies will respond by contracting and may  have other unpleasant experiences like a dry mouth and pounding heart.

Without consciously choosing to, when we worry and think “What if this or that”, we are often imagining negative things, and it has a negative effect on our well-being.

Why not, like Anne in Anne of Green Gables,  consciously choose to use our imagination for our benefit?

When we imagine things going well, we feel good.  Often, it is like a rehearsal, setting things up for the future interaction to more likely go well, for example.

To have a vision of a career goal or a goal to be slim, for example, can be very helpful in keeping one positive, motivated, patient, and engaged.

There are many helpful things that you can imagine.  You can imagine expressing your anger at someone then receiving the apology that you’re needing.  You can imagine a different ending to an upsetting memory.  You can imagine someone showing up to help you.  You can imagine receiving things you needed and missed out on in your childhood. People often wish that they could communicate with someone who has passed away. In your imagination, there’s nothing to stop you from having those conversations.  Just allow these types of experiences to impact you.  We use them all the time in therapy sessions, and they are very powerful and effective.

We tend to under-use our imagination.  Since you have it, and it’s vast, effortless, and can have a big positive impact, why not play around with it?


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