This simple and quick decision-making method utilizes body awareness to help you determine how you feel.

Start with an empty mind and neutral body.  Therefore keep the decision topic temporarily out of your mind.  Then, notice the first thing that happens in your body upon receiving various permission statements. You need to trust that this is TRUE PERMISSION, for example permission being given by God/the Divine/the Universe.

For example, if you couldn’t decide whether to go to a concert or not, the two statements that you would compare your body’s reaction to would be: “You can go to the concert if you want to” and “You don’t have to go to the concert if you don’t want to”. If the first thing you notice in your body upon hearing a permission statement is tension, that is an indication that you do not prefer that option.  If you notice relaxation, relief, or excitement, that is an indication that you feel positively toward that option.  Lack of a reaction might mean some ambivalence, or lack of strong feelings. No difference in the body reactions with different options indicates that you feel similarly about them.

There can be more than two options, for example a choice of three places to go on vacation.

It is best to not know what option is coming before you get the permission statement.  One way to do this is to have someone else say the permission statements to you. Another way, if you want to do it by yourself, is to write out the permission statements on pieces of paper, fold them, and mix them up.  Then when you pick one to read it, you won’t know which one you will be getting.

I used to be quite indecisive, and found that applying this method regularly on all sorts of decisions gradually made me much more decisive, and much more trusting of myself.

I discovered that it had another very positive effect:  that of reinforcing that I was a good person who lives in a permissive world, helping me feel more free and important.

Why not try it? You will be surprised to discover how quickly and easily you can make decisions that you can trust.


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