We can learn a lot of wisdom from nature. Here are a few examples:

The Green Apple

We don’t look at a green apple on a tree and put pressure on it to ripen. We just wait, trusting that it will ripen when it is time to. Sometimes we put pressure on ourselves to make a decision when “the decision is not ready to be made” due to various circumstances such as insufficient information or time or alack of readiness to make it for whatever reason. Identifying this phenomenon of a decision not being ready to be made, when it is appropriate, and likening it to the ripening apple, can be very helpful in taking undue pressure off ourselves.

The Flowing Creek

Inspired by the creek water that doesn’t try to control where it’s going, or get upset when it comes upon a rock in its way, but easily adapts by just flowing alongside or over the rock, we can strive to “go with the flow”, and be adaptable and flexible, coming up with “Plan B” without a lot of upset and drama, feeling like a victim of life, or believing that we should be able to control life. Trusting life in this way makes it much easier for us and those around us.

The Rosebud

We don’t judge a rosebud, criticising it for not being a rose in bloom yet. We appreciate it for its beauty, and know that it is not yet finished its journey. We also accept it for where it is along its development (as it accepts itself). So each of us is not yet finished our ongoing journey of growth, yet we are still loveable and acceptable, with our limitations and our beauty. Rather than judgement, we deserve acknowledgement of our inherant preciousness. Just think of how much strife could be prevented if people just accepted their age, rather than wishing they were older when they’re young, just to start wishing they were younger some years later!

The Fruit Tree

Have you ever picked cherries, or some other type of fruit or berry? One of th things I really enjoy about picking fruit is the profound sense of abundance I get as I marvel at how the tree is simply laden with fruit. Another image of abundance is a field of wildflowers. Going through life with a perspective of abundance vs. one of scarcity has a big impact on our experience of life, even though the circumstances may be identical for the two individuals.

The Deciduous Tree

Every fall, the leaves change color, die, and fall off the tree, serving as ongoing enrichment of the soil. The following spring, the tree develops buds then a full complement of green leaves in the summer. Each year the cycle repeats itself.

There is a natural cycle of life and death that has been going on for ages, and will continue to do so.

The Sunflower and Walrus

The sunflowers turn to face the sun. Walruses and cats enjoy lying in the sun. All beings seek pleasure. We do not need to feel guilty about seeking pleasure, whether it is also lying in the sun, relaxing with a book, or dancing. We are meant to enjoy life.

Throughout the plant and animal kingdom, there are innumerable examples of ingenious adaptive mechanisms. Self-care is a natural and vital duty, though one that is often somewhat neglected, or done with guilt. Also, it is healthy to adapt to changes in our surroundings or circumstances.

The Forest of Trees

No tree is identical to another, and no tree is perfectly symmetrical. Yet each tree is so beautiful, and together they make a beautiful forest. The trees do not compare themselves with each other, nor are they threatened by differences. If only we humans could stop comparing and being threatened by innocent differences, recognizing that each of us is beautiful, and appreciting the richness that comes with our differences! As the trees each get the sun that they need, we would do well to trust that thereis plenty of love to go around. Unlike man’s competitive ego, the forest doesn’t ask who can take the BEST picture of it, but knows that an infinite number of amazing shots can be taken, and welcomes them all. We could do with less competitiveness and focus on achievement, and more appreciation of ourselves and others, even if we’re not THE BEST or famous.


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