Imagine a beautiful spacious house, full of lovely comfortable furniture, cozy warm soft blankets, beautiful flowers and plants, and a lot of sunshine.  The owner of this amazing place is a wonderful host, full of interest in you, curiosity, understanding, love and compassion.  He wants to welcome every single part of you with open arms.  He wants to get to know every part of you.  Use plenty of room even for parts of you that feel opposite of each other, parts that are in conflict, parts that want opposite things. He does not know how to judge.  There is understanding and compassion for the part that is angry and part that is guilty about the anger .  There is understanding and compassion for the self-judgement, and for the judgment about the self-judgement.  He understands that you have always been doing your best all things considered, even when your best has not been very good.  In his compassionate arms on the cozy furniture, all wounded parts can be transformed and healed.  The unconditional love, acceptance, and compassion of this wonderful host and house act like magic.

Knowing that this place is available,the vulnerable parts can emerge gradually from your subconscious to be welcomed home and healed.  Every human being has parts, whether conscious or not, who feel things like fear, hurt, anger, and shame.  Everyone has parts that feel unloveable, not good enough, powerless, and so on.  Healing of vulnerable parts allows you to become increasingly aware of very positive aspects of yourself: of love, wisdom, joy, strength, compassion etc.  These are also welcomed into the house with love, honoring, and celebration.

Can you feel the sense of space and safety here?  One patient, who has major issues with her body, reported seeing herself walk very comfortably naked, in every sense, in this house.

This host and house is a representation of your calm nonjudgemental attention, which is also referred to as mindfulness.  As you may have gathered, it can be perceived as divine in nature.

Why not make a habit of spending time in your amazing healing house, enjoying the transformation of yourself and your life as you do so?


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