The more relaxed our bodies are, the easier it is for us to trust the truth, feeling it in our bodies, rather than only knowing it in our heads. This article will guide you in creating such a place for yourself. It is a very pleasant place to go to, and can be used at any time to help you feel the truth about anything. From here, you can look at something that was upsetting you, and be able to see it from a different perspective so that it no longer causes body tension (for example no longer taking a situation personally).

Start by thinking of a particularly great memory or a lovely place, allowing an image of it to come up. Immerse yourself in the experience with all five of your senses, noticing and appreciating the details. Pay attention to how your body feels here, and to the pleasant emotions associated with the experience. Just hang out here for a while, savoring the pleasure of the experience, and you will notice that without any effort at all it will become more and more pleasant and your body will become more and more relaxed all by itself. The more that you explore different aspects of the experience, the more you will find. For example, if you are appreciating some beautiful nature, you may notice that there is a sense of wonder or awe. You may notice that there is gratitude, or that you may feel lucky or blessed. These may lead you to notice that you feel loved, though you may not have any such thoughts. If so, then you must be feeling loveable. Perhaps you feel connected to the scene or people in it, and one with it. As you discover each aspect, spend some time really enjoying feeling it fully, and “savoring the pleasure”. Keep expanding the experience in this way, and you will discover that it will continue to become more and more pleasant on its own.

Now you can pick any simple truth, such as “I love sunshine”, and as you scan your body, notice where you can feel the‘knowing’, or the truth of the statement the strongest. It is a feeling that makes you want to nod your head. For many people it is in the chest, though for others it is in the abdomen or elsewhere. Place the palm of your hand on this spot, and let yourself study how your body feels there under your hand. Amongst some of the sensations that you may notice are: relaxation, openness in the chest, spaciousness, roominess, looseness, comfort, warmth, quietness, calmness, peace, solidness, strength, easy slow deep breathing, etc. Again, focus on these pleasant sensations, enjoying them and savoring the pleasure of just hanging out here, together with your image and your truth. As you do this, you will notice that the truth you are focusing on will feel more and more true the longer you stay here.

If you wish, you can allow an additional image to come up that goes along with the body sensations. There is no right or wrong way of doing this. Whatever wants to happen is fine, as long as it stays positive. If something negative comes up, just put it aside temporarily and focus back on the positive aspects of your experience.


As you may have already gathered, this experience is often perceived as a spiritual one once it is expanded as above. Regardless of your spiritual or religious beliefs, or lack thereof, you may wish to experience being with an awesome being with divine qualities: a being that embodies the best possible mother, father, and friend all in one, and more. This could be anything: a representation of God, an angel, a white light, your Higher Self, a deer, or just the nature itself. Let yourself feel how intensely loving and accepting of you this being is-just the way you are. Feel how there is so much understanding, compassion, tenderness, kindness, and infinite patience for you. Let yourself be reassured that there will never be any judgement of you or anger at you. This being cannot be offended, and needs nothing from you. Feel your goodness known and honored. You are completely believed in. This being is a source of encouragement, reassurance, strength, comfort, and guidance. Know that this healing energy can always help you feel better, has no expectations, and is ALWAYS available, delighting in helping you.


If you are having trouble consistently getting to your special place, it is likely that:

1. You are putting in effort trying to get there. Effort gets in the way of going there. “Trying to relax” just doesn’t work, because there is nothing relaxing about trying! In trying is usually a fear of failing, or at least a possibility being entertained at some level that you won’t get there. Also there can be a question of your capability, or whether you’re doing something wrong. All of these are obstacles.

The beauty of this place is that it is always there waiting to welcome you home where you belong, and it requires NO EFFORT AT ALL to get there. Imagine that ALLOWING the image and what goes along with it and putting your hand on your spot is equivalent to stepping on to a moving sidewalk that always takes you to your special place without any help from you. Your special place is where that moving sidewalk ends, so there are no other possibilities, leaving you trusting that it will take you there every time without any help from you.

2. You might not be allowing enough time for your body to relax further. If you are starting from a very tense place, your sidewalk may be a bit longer that time, and you need to allow more time for all the tension to release, still trusting that your moving sidewalk will take you there. You are worth that bit of extra time.

However, don’t expect it to take more time because of the state that you’re starting from, because the expectation can be self-fulfilling, and one can have a very rapid and dramatic shift. If you find it taking a bit longer, then give it the time. You can have your special place speed up the moving sidewalk for you, because it wants to welcome you home.

3. If you are very upset about something, or having a strong thought or feeling about, for example, not deserving to go there, you may need to get rid of this strong upset first. You can “put it into storage” in your container to be dealt with later, and go ahead to enjoy your special place. Please see “A TOOL TO BECOME ALMOST INSTANTLY PRESENT & RELAXED”


It is very good for you to often return to your grounding place to focus on various positive truths. I like to think of it as coming home, where we belong. You will notice that it feels “right” even though it may be unfamiliar.

Because “neurons that fire together wiretogether”, the more time you spend in this place, the more quickly you will be transforming your system into one that is calmer, wiser, happier, and less easily upset. This will result in less suffering for you, and for those around you. You will find that it will improve all aspects of your life. Because the negativity and old wiring is deeply ingrained, it takes coming here again and again and hanging out here to create the kind of rewiring we desire. There is no such thing as coming here too often, or staying here too long. You can stay in this calm state as you move on to your next activity.

I encourage you to aim at being in this state as much of the time as possible, in order to minimize your distress and that of those around you. This will require frequent checking in to see if you are already there. If so, you can just celebrate and enjoy it. If not, you can invite yourself there.

You may want to use some kind of reminder that perhaps your eye would frequently catch many times a day suchas something on your wrist, finger, or cellphone, to cue you into checking in on your state.

You will find that the more often you go there and stay there, the more readily your system will go down that familiar path and stay there.

It is just fine to combine this with other tools, such  as Emotional Freedom Technique (also described on this blog) and others

It is free, quick, powerful, pleasant, an investment in your future well-being, and available to you anytime wherever you are. That’s a pretty good deal! And you are worth it! Enjoy!


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